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Pregnancy Yoga: 2016

I joined Verity Howard's pregnancy yoga class mainly to keep me calm during my second pregnancy. I had struggled to make time to focus on the new baby having a toddler at home, and my Monday evening yoga sessions were a god send. Verity's classes were just the right balance of gentle fitness yoga ( suitable for pregnancy) and breathing techniques for labour and general relaxation. Verity is a very approachable instructor and easily tailored the class to the needs of the individual. She has a wealth of experience of birthing positions and made plenty of helpful suggestions.

I would, and have, recommended the class to any pregnant person.


Pregnancy Yoga: 2015

This class was my excuse each week to focus on myself through the pregnancy. Despite being told to relax and look after myself by doctors/midwifes/etc it is always easier said than done due to work and life constraints.  This class combined yoga moves to help maintain strength and flexibility as I got bigger along with techniques to assist with relaxation and breathing control.  I found many positions a great relief from aches and pains in pregnancy and labour and the breathing techniques useful during labour..


Pregnancy Yoga: 2015

I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes. Being able to do some exercise during pregnancy and knowing it was safe and beneficial to both myself and my baby was fantastic. It was lovely to have some time to really switch off from the world and focus on relaxing and connecting with my baby. The class is structured but relaxed and verity makes sure each of the exercises suits each lady depending on the stage of pregnancy.  Its also a good chance to meet lots of other pregnant ladies...


Postnatal Yoga: 2014

I thought my recovery following labour was a quite quick, but was amazed as some of the simple exercises I struggled with within these postnatal yoga sessions.  It really highlighted to me how much your body changes during pregnancy and labour - well beyond that which is visible.  The sessions gave me some fundamental exercises I could work on to assist my body to regain strength.

Reflexology Treatment June 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology sessions with Verity.  The treatments were hugely relaxing and it was fascinating to explore how the reflex points on my feet related to all other parts of my body.  Verity’s friendly and knowledgeable approach added to what was a very calming and enjoyable experience.”



Reflexology Treatment July 2016.

Since having regular reflexology treatments with Verity I can honestly say I've never felt so well!


When I first went I felt quite sluggish with a reoccurant water infection....a couple of treatments later this issue had been resolved! I've also visited Verity when I'd hardly slept & had a big event where I desperately needed energy- Verity was somehow able to re-energise me where I had an unbelievable amount of energy after the treatment.....& slept really well the following night.


The treatments are incredibly relaxing & I thoroughly enjoy & look forward to my sessions. My well-being, I feel, has improved & the reflexology, along with attending regular yoga classes with Verity, has definitely made a difference......& I'll be keeping it up!


Laura Ilian reviewed Body and Sole — 5 star 21/11/2016


I have attended Verity's clinic for reflexology during my pregnancy.

She is nothing but professional and her treatments are fantastic!

I feel like Im walking on air after I have seen her and would recommend her to anybody.

I hope to try out her yoga classes in the future.

Thanks a million Verity!!